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News 14 January 2022
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Refreshing the Case for Culture 2022

Take part in our project to refresh the Case for Culture in 2022. There will be many opportunities to share your opinions and explore ideas.

“Culture makes a huge contribution to the region and plays a vital role in all our lives. As we look to rebuild from the impact of the pandemic, the North East Cultural Partnership is renewing our Case for Culture, setting out an ambitious vision for what we can achieve working together through the cultural sector to benefit all our communities.” Professor Jane Robinson, Co-Chair of North East Culture Partnership

The North East Case for Culture was developed through regionwide consultation in 2014 and we launched Case for Culture at Durham Castle and at Parliament in 2015.

The regional vision was based around five priorities including Participation, Children And Young People, Talent and Workforce, Distinctiveness and Economic Value.

Following two years of challenges for the culture sector due to the pandemic we believe there is a great opportunity to refresh the North East Case for Culture and to update and refresh the priorities of the region at a national level.

We have a number of active subgroups and in 2020 we published one of the first Regional Recovery Plans for Covid which set out a number of emerging priorities that can feed into the Case for Culture Refresh 2022 including:

  • CLIMATE: Pledging that the cultural sector will raise awareness of climate change and work together to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • FREELANCERS: Making the case for better pay and conditions for the independents, cultural SME’s and artists who underpin our cultural organisations.
  • DIVERSITY: Committing to reaching more people across the region and ensuring the arts and heritage sector is open and welcoming and engaged with all our communities.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Ensuring we are working with international partners, encouraging tourism and promoting the North East cultural offer to the world.
  • FUNDING: Making the case for significantly more culture funding and regional decision making.

Refreshing the Case for Culture will be the main focus of our work over the coming 9 months and we want to ensure the arts and heritage sectors across the whole region have the opportunity to feed in their ideas to a refreshed North East Case for Culture.

The refreshed Case for Culture will contain an ambitious case for additional funding into the North East to support, sustain and grow our arts and heritage sector.

Get involved

There will be a range of ways to get involved with the Case for Culture refresh, including meetings, forums and one-to-one consultations. You can also complete this short survey to start sharing your feedback and suggestions for the future.

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