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The Case for Culture North East

Job Opportunities


Consult with the region's heritage and culture sector on the Case for Culture

Following a region-wide consultation in 2014, the North East Case for Culture was published as a 15-year cultural vision for the region. It was officially launched at Durham Castle and in Westminster in 2015.

We are clear that much of the original Case for Culture is still relevant but that, following Brexit and the Covid Pandemic, there is a need to refresh Case for Culture so that the region can be clear on its priorities and make a coherent plan for investment at a regional and national level.

The refreshed Case for Culture will be outward-looking and a positive framework for action that can be used to attract investment in arts and heritage across the North East. It is intended for use with external partners including central government, local authorities, LEPs, Combined Authorities, arts and heritage funders and business.

The refresh should engage arts and heritage people and organisations across the North East.

The NECP managers will work closely with the appointed consultant to support the refresh of case for culture and the whole Board will also support, engage and steer the process.

Our intention is to influence key decision-makers across a range of sectors – establishing the credibility, expertise, and significance of the sector to the economic life, health, and wellbeing of the whole of the North East of England. As such the final report should be short, engaging, and underpinned by engagement with the sector across the region.

The appointed consultant will work with the NECP Managers and be expected to lead on:

  • Development of consultation documents based on Case for Culture and our active subgroups (Supported by NECP Managers)
  • Desk research and development of online questionnaires (supported by our Communications manager)
  • Consultation events with artform and heritage groups (such as Contemporary Visual Arts Network NE and Heritage Environment Forum NE)
  • Consultation events with 8 Sub-Regional Culture Partnerships

    (The consultations are likely to combine face to face meetings and online meetings and surveys).

    The consultant is expected to work with NECP to analyse the feedback from these meetings and to define a list of key issues, ideas and challenges which can be factored into the Case for Culture refresh.

More information and how to apply

A more in-depth brief can be downloaded here

If you wish to discuss this opportunity further, please email: matthew.jarratt@neculturepartnership.co.uk

Please apply by sending a proposal to: matthew.jarratt@neculturepartnership.co.uk

All submissions should reach matthew.jarratt@neculturepartnership.co.uk by 9am on Monday 10 January 2022.

It is the responsibility of organisations interested in bidding to ensure that they have read the documentation. All costs, including travel and associated costs, associated with the tender and submissions are the responsibility of the bidders.

Our aim is to be an equal opportunities employer. We welcome all applications, regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, gender, sexual orientation, age or religion or belief. All applications will be considered solely on merit.


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