The Case for Culture North East

Case for Culture policy consultation

Case for Culture Refresh

In 2022 the North East Culture Partnership (NECP) worked with consultant Matthew Rooke to refresh the Case for Culture and the refreshed document and priorities were published early in 2023, presented to the Association of North East Councils and distributed to the North East England arts and heritage sector.

View Case for Culture Refresh document

NECP also brought together and cross referenced the various cultural strategies from the sub regional culture partnerships into an interactive document showing shared priorities and joint working opportunities.


NECP is working to align and coordinate cultural strategies and policy across the North East and has convened three meetings in 2023 bringing together the place based sub -regional culture partnerships, kindly hosted by The Glasshouse International Centre for Music.

Through these meetings there has been discussion around making a concise economic case for cultural investment which can be presented to the new North East Mayoral Combined Authority – 5 key policy areas have emerged and this document is an opportunity for partners to contribute project and policy ideas in order to create a strong and joined up set of ideas.

Your Feedback and Ideas

There are 5 key policy areas which we would like you to contribute to. We are particularly keen to hear about cultural projects ideas which could be scaled up to a regional level or cultural policy ideas which could align and support wider regional / national funding initiatives.

The 5 policy areas have been defined as:

  1. A regionwide programme of work placements / work experience for school leavers and young people
  2. Culture and Climate Change/Climate Literacy
  3. International working and partnerships
  4. Equality, Equity and Audiences
  5. Health and Wellbeing

Some of the 5 policy areas have already established some clear proposals through our Case for Culture Refresh – Others such as Climate Change and Health and Wellbeing are less defined.

Please add in your proposals and ideas in the boxes below and complete the form by DATE

1. A regionwide programme of work placements / work experience for school leavers and young people

NECP has undertaken a survey of cultural organisations to identify the wide range of support for young people across the cultural sector, however we think this provision can be more joined up and that all young people in the region should have the opportunity to engage with cultural venues to boost skills, experience and confidence.

We want to propose s regionwide programme of work placements / work experience for school leavers and young people.

Initial feedback has suggested ideas for:

  • All 12-14 year olds attending a cultural event or venue each year
  • An expanded programme of placements for 14-16 year olds to be delivered by cultural organisations
  • Increased provision for careers advice in schools is provided which encompasses a range of job roles and vocational skills
  • A new regionwide programme of apprenticeships for young people at cultural venues aimed at 16-20 year olds
  • Coordination and web overview of opportunities so that schools and young people can search on a regionwide basis.


Please suggest additional projects, policy or models from your area which could contribute to the young people priority