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Thinking International Events, July 2020

Three Thinking International events for the arts, heritage and culture sector this July

The International group of the North East Culture Partnership have organised an annual event for the region each year since 2016.

Now due to the current pandemic, we will host a series of online conversations where we will hear from a selection of our international friends and colleagues on their plans for recovery and growth.

Thinking International 2020 – Webinar 1: the North East Perspective

Wednesday 15 July, 2pm-3pm, Click to Book Now

Chaired by Ros Rigby this event will explore how North East organisations might develop their international working in a post-COVID-19 world.

Three very different North East arts and heritage organisations with a history of international working will share both the impact of Covid-19 on their international work in recent times, and how they plan to work internationally in the coming months and years.

Those organisation presenting are:

GIFT Festival (Gateshead International Festival of Theatre), Wall to Wall (a project bringing together people involved in Hadrian’s Wall with those connected with the Great Wall of China) and the nationally recognised leader in the South Asian and diversity arts sector, Gem Arts.

Thinking International 2020 – Webinar 2: the North East & Europe

Wednesday 22 July, 2pm-3pm, Click to Book Now

How should the world change post-covid-19 – a European perspective

When we emerge from this seismic uncertainty, we are all going to need a new approach to our relationship with the planet and our global community. This pandemic has exposed the inequalities that exist in our towns and neighbourhoods and we need to think deeply and creatively about our shared futures.

The Climate Emergency is the biggest challenge faced by our planet, and inequality the biggest challenge to our people.  We are learning of the impact we are having on our planet, and through the lens of the Black Lives Matter movement questioning the ingrained racism we propagate in our post-colonial European nations.

In this session, we will see examples of how other European countries are using culture to address these pressing issues. We will hear from Conny Brännberg,  Chairman of the Culture Committee, Region of Vastra Gotland, Sweden;  Alfons Wafner, Kulturbüro, City of Essen Ruhr Region, Germany and from Clymene Christoforou, director of D6 Culture in Transit, based in Newcastle and working with European and Caribbean artists and partners. These are big conversations and we only have an hour.  Join us for a taste of the European perspective on the role of culture and sustainable development.

Thinking International 2020 – Webinar 3: the North East & Beyond Europe

Wednesday 29 July, 2pm-3pm, Click to Book Now

Chaired by Graeme Thompson this event will explore how North East organisations might collaborate and work with global organisations (outside of Europe) post-COVID-19.

More details to follow.

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