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Cultural Sector GVA up 43.7% in the North East

Headlines from the latest DCMS Sectors Economic Estimates 2016: Regional Gross Value Added (GVA) – Experimental statistics include:

  • In 2016, over a third of GVA for DCMS Sectors* was accounted for in London (39%), whilst a further 19% was accounted for in the South East. This compared to 23% and 15% respectively for all sectors in these regions.
  • The proportion of GVA in each region which was generated by DCMS Sectors* ranged from 6% in each of Yorkshire and The Humber, South West, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, to 16% in London.
  • Looking within each of the DCMS Sectors*, GVA from Creative Industries, Cultural Sector and Digital sectors is largely concentrated in London and the South East regions. By contrast, GVA from the Sport and Gambling sectors is more evenly distributed across the regions, although these are much smaller in value.
  • Between 2010 and 2016 growth in GVA for the Cultural Sector was strongest in the North East (up 43.7%)

Download the report here

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