The North East arts and heritage organisations work with at least sixty-one countries – that’s a third of the planet.

The North East has international as well as regional and national aspirations and the International sub-group seeks to build on an already impressive record of international links within the region.

A survey undertaken by the sub-group shows that the north east has cultural partnerships with around a third of the countries in the world. The region also has cultural links with two other European regions, one of which led to the recent Tall Ships Festival held in Blyth.

The next steps for the International sub-group is to build stronger links between the international cultural activity and the wider commercial and business trade. This will benefit the regional economy by adding culture to the regional offer overseas and also help develop new opportunities for the cultural agencies to secure wider links internationally.

Thinking International 2019

Thank you to all who attended Thinking International on the 9th of May 2019.

We think that it is important to bring people together and discuss ideas, share information and foster new dialogues and relationships – our attendees’ contributions were greatly appreciated.

Please see below for videos on key sections of the day.