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North East Culture Partnership

The North East Culture Partnership (NECP) brings together practitioners, the local authorities, universities, colleges, businesses and voluntary organisations across the North East of England to champion, promote and support the arts and heritage sectors in the region and beyond.

The North East Culture Partnership (NECP) builds upon the commitment and enthusiasm of the region for its culture and heritage and continues to champion the role they can play in the economic, social and creative growth of the region.


The partnership consists of the 12 Local Authorities, the region’s 5 universities, our colleges, the North East Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the sector from across the north east and Historic England and Arts Council England. We also have a wider stakeholder group and a series of sub-committees bringing in other partners and sectors, such as health, economic development and international trade. The NECP is therefore an integral part of the strategic life of the region, and links with national and international initiatives.


Together the partnership has created the North East of England’s Cultural Strategy – Case for Culture (C4C). This is an aspirational and visionary document that sets out a 15 years case for investing in arts and heritage. It has already been called a template, unique and an example of what can be achieved if a region and organisations work together.


Following the development of the C4C, the region is now intent on delivering the strategy, and has a number of sub-groups and work-streams devoted to its five aspirations. Examples include: our festivals’ strategy, which pulls together the various cultural events across the region helping to focus efforts on the wider benefits to be derived from local and international activity such as the tall ships race and bids to become the UK City of Culture. The international group has already identified that the North East of England does cultural business with almost a third of the planet. Our business group is linking artists with local business to develop both sectors and grow local cultural organisations. Work on children and young people, participation, economic growth and retaining the best talent in the region are already delivering results and NECP’s role as a hub and broker of regional working are growing.

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It also has a number of sub-groups, chaired by members of the Board and other partners.

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