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Diversity Pledges

As part of its continuing commitment to diversity on all its forms, NECP has developed an initial pledge to act as a starting point for continued development and action over the coming weeks and months. Its main themes are given here:

Diversity Pledges

North East Culture Partnership (NECP) has set out a number of actions to address diversity in the short, medium and long term including:

  • Denounce Racism event: Thanks to an introduction by NECP Board Member, Iain Watson, we have been in discussion with Denounce Racism and have offered some financial support for their ‘Town Hall’ event which aims to build on the positive regional support for the group.
  • Board Development: Board member Annabel Turpin recently gave a presentation to the NECP Board and a Working Group of Board Members is now taking that work forward to look at how our Culture Partnership Board can respond positively around diversity and how we can encourage diversity across our arts and heritage sector.
  • A Board sub-group will develop an Action Plan following the presentation and will report on progress to our Board where a regular ‘Diversity’ section will be added to each Board Agenda.
  • Annual Forum: Our Case4Culture group is planning that the NECP Annual Forum on 29th January 2022 will look at issues impacting artists and cultural freelancers. The event programme will be developed and led by diverse practitioners and organisations.
  • Board Recruitment: Following our Annual Forum we will be advertising for new Board Members with a clear focus on increasing diversity within our board.

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